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​Natural Neighborhood's 
First Cooperative House!
NNDC is signing our first Master Lease and accepting October applicants
Second meeting, Wed Sept 20, 2017

Currently seeking affordable quality housing in an autonomous, community-oriented setting?
RSVP to attend the second meeting and tour the house.
Location: 3402 Red River (look for balloons on the fence)
Date: Wednesday, Sept 20, 7pm

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NNDC is announcing our first collaboration for a shared co-op house for affordable rent in two areas: Hyde Park Austin or South Austin.

Over the course of our meetings we will be discussing all of the things that coops offer to create a harmonious and vibrant living situation: personal logistics, budget, timeline, expectations. This meeting is the chance to start the pathway for an affordable and luscious homestead that helps you reach your lifestyle goals.

House meeting and Tour Wednesday, Sept 20, 7pm
Location: 3402 Red River St. 
Time: 7pm
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Natural Neighborhood's First Cooperative House!

It's an exciting time for NNDC as we seek our first cooperative home to create more affordable housing in Austin! We have looked at many suitable houses and are now working with NASCO and Cooperative Housing to establish a Master Lease that will collaborate those ready for a community oriented and vibrant home-share. This creative solution is just one way that NNDC believes that can assist people who are trying to minimize overhead in order to forge their way to natural home ownership.

NNDC has been developed with grant assistance from array of private entities and the City of Austin in order to create permanently affordable rental housing. This project wouldn't be possible without this assistance. In exchange for this financial support the NNDC complies with covenants to include many of it's residents to income qualify before they can sign a lease, put down a deposit, and move in. This arrangement will help NNDC to maintain it's goal of quality, affordable and diverse housing.

Income Qualifying
This project may have people with varying incomes but some, if not all, will be reserved for middle income. In order to income qualify you may need to demonstrate that you make less than the income cap associated with the house you’re applying to, and that you earn more than enough to pay your rent, utility, and food shares. You will also need to provide verification that your liquid assets (savings, checking, but not necessarily retirement funds) are below $55,000.  
Our leasing agent will assist in determining income qualification.

A household can consist of a only a single person or a group of people related by blood or other legal means, such as adoption or marriage.
​For example, a single parent with 2 children would make up one household, consisting of 3 persons.